Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Chicken Jerky & Mr. Chewy

Recently we were contacted by our fave, Mr. Chewy (read our review of Mr. Chewy) , to do a review on Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Chicken Jerky . I had kind of planned things out in my head of what kind of pictures we would have in the post & how we would maybe do a video of the pups trying the treats for the first time. We were excited to say the least! Apparently, one of us was much more excited than everyone else though. For as long as I can remember, we have kept our dog treats in the same spot with no problems (treats are actually stored at height above my head). Everyone knows where the treats are & everyone respects that they must be given a treat & cannot take them at will. We had not opened the bag of treats yet & they were in a basket next to the glass container where the opened treats are. So I come home from work one day & I see something that appears to be trash in the floor. I pick it up & can’t believe it!! The dogs (PAULEY JAMES!) could not resist the smell of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Chicken Jerky even through the unopened package!! By looking at what was left, I can only deduce that they (PAULEY JAMES!) LOVED them!
The remains

Me guilty?

Anywho, if you are not familiar with Blue Buffalo, they are a great company that uses holistic & natural ingredients & very importantly they are made in the USA!! The Wilderness Trail Treats Chicken Jerky also have no corn, soy, grain or any animal by-products! Take care to store your treats in a safe spot that no doggies will be tempted to eat the ENTIRE package! Thank you Mr. Chewy for your great service, products & for all that you do for shelter animals ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Jean said...

Pauley, how unfair to be blamed for something when no one actually saw you do it. After all, there are other critters at your house, right? And cats are very agile when it comes to reaching treats in high places. And you do have a tortie cat there....
Allie says "Way to go, Isabelle! Score the treats and the dog takes the blame!"
At least, that's how it would play out at our place. :)

What Remains Now said...

Pauley James! Freedom, Casper & Nikki have been asked to review these same treats. This is a cautionary tale for us. I will secure the treats. They are very excited after this A+ review from you.

Kari in Vegas said...

My pups applaud you

Stop on by for a visit

Leslie said...

I have to admit, I laughed. Sorry. ;)

Emily said...

I've been wanting to try their "newer" soft salmon treat. It's grain free and doesn't contain chicken which our pups are allergic to.
Hades once did this with a very fattening low quality treat! (Something he is no longer allowed.) One of those treats shaped like steaks.