Thursday, July 26, 2012

Woot Woot Mr. Chewy!!!

We recently joined Mr. Chewy's Blogger Club & our post today is going to tell you about our experience with Mr. Chewy. The first thing that really made us happy is that orders over $49 get free shipping! Even better than just being free is the fact that it is also super fast! We placed our order on Monday afternoon & received our goods on Wednesday!! 

With a rotating door for foster dogs at our house, our needs can change overnight. Which brings us to the next thing that we love about Mr. Chewy's; great selection!! We live in a little town of only 1,200 people (we think that is stretching it!) & the only store that we have is a dollar store. Do not get us wrong; the dollar store is very handy, but not much in the pet department. We do have a larger town about 15 minutes away that has a pet store, but they have been known to sell puppy mill dogs & we prefer not to support their business. And that my pals brings me to the 3rd thing we love about Mr. Chewy's: they support rescue!! We have read several articles about Mr. Chewy donating food to animal rescue food banks & they also have a referral program that donates to rescues!!! Speaking of which, our code is WEED9566. If use the code you will get 10% off & they will also donate $10 to Best Friends(we LOVE them too)!!  Three WOOFS for Mr. Chewy!!!

 For joining the club & agreeing to do a review we received a promo code for $50 worth of products. We ordered several items that we have not tried before & are very excited about it! We were super happy that they offer so many grain free treats .
Pauley says "2 PAWS UP"!!!
After picking out things for the pups, we cruised over to the kitty items & were surprised that they had such good prices on our Chi Pooh's favorite food.

We were able to save $5 on her food! We are still in the process of trying out all the goodies that we got, but trust us when we say that Mr. Chewy's is a WIN for everyone! Thank you Mr. Chewy!!!


Leslie said...

Very cool. I somehow missed that they had a blogger club. I do know, and appreciate, that they support rescue. (And yeah, we LOVE Best Friends, too!)

And thanks for not supporting the store that sells puppy mill puppies. We need to make our voices heard (or maybe felt) if we are going to shut the mills down.

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Holy moly those are some adorable adoptables! I tried Mr Chewys too and was very happy.

Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner said...

We prefer to buy local and support our community but there is only so much time in the day. Sometimes you just need convenient and fast. We have tried Mr. Chewy before and were impressed with their selection.

Mason the Dog's Mom said...

I see Sojos! NOMNOM that is what I eat! My mommy makes about 2-4 days worth at a time and mixes the beef (or turkey)with the veggies (or fruit) blend! I also get plain yogurts, nanas, and tons of other nommmy goodies!

Emily said...

Grain free treat choices are huge in our house! I haven't used Mr. Chewy's before but that's impressive you received the items so quick, I will have to shop there sometime.

Kari in Vegas said...

We love Mr Chewy

Stop on by for a visit