Friday, January 13, 2012


PJ:I know all dogs (myself included) have a mischievous side, but do any of the fosters stick out?

Mr: Yes, Sawyer was a real sneaky pete!  I should have known how sneaky he would turn out by how light he was on his feet! He was a good sized dog, but even with all four paws on your lap, he felt like a toy sized dog.  He also walked very quietly. He was silent.  You would see him on one side of the room, and if you walked away for a split second...he would be at your side, happily wagging his tail.  His favorite sneaky habit was tearing off the covers of paper back books. He also did this very quietly. He seemed to prefer cheap, pulp horror novels. Yes he was mischevious ( Maybe we should have not named him after James "Sawyer" Ford from ABC's LOST).

PJ: Have you ever volunteered to foster an injured dog?

Boy:Yes, a dog that was hit by a car ended up at a shelter in OH. The dog warden sent out a plea for a foster & that is how we ended up with Abraham. He had over 30 staples & multiple drains. Even though he was badly injured, he was still a sweet boy who loved affection. After a couple of weeks of crate rest, he made it very obvious that he no longer wanted to be on rest. He was our first, but not last foster, to destroy a crate. Abraham was a very serious dog, who loved nothing more than laying at your feet. He was not the lap dog type. He was also picky about his dog friends. The only dog he liked while here with us was Georgia!

PJ: Who is Georgia?

Boy: She was a goofy girl with BIG ears. She loved to play or cuddle: basically she loved everything & everyone (especially Abraham).She would play fetch until you were too exhausted to go on. As with most of our fosters, we have no idea what breed or mix she was, but several people guessed that she was a Basenji mix due to her appearance & the fact that she never barked; not once. 

PJ: Lauren @ Life With Desmond would like to know the longest we have went in between fosters. Any idea?

Mrs.: The break that we had when Middy Sue left & Red got here. So the answer would be around 3 weeks. As you know we try to already have lined up who we are going to foster next when one leaves, but the way things worked out, STAR was unable to pull anymore dogs until this weekend. Which reminds me that we need to tell you about a little secret we have been keeping from you. If all goes according to plan, we will be picking up *** 3 puppies from a transport tomorrow morning......
Photo courtesy of STAR's Petfinder
PJ: I am ignoring the last part of your answer & moving on. Speaking of Middy Sue, Trixie, Lily & Sammy Joe, want to know how she is doing?

Mrs.: She is still in her foster home in PA. She has completed an obedience class & passed with flying colors.  Since we are already talking about her, I will go ahead & tell you that she was one that I had a hard time letting go. I had actually sent an email to STAR letting them know that we were interested in adopting her. We had talked it over & since you & Middy Sue got along so well & we enjoyed both of you so much, we were going to adopt you & Middy Sue & not foster any longer. The same day that I sent the email to STAR, I received an email from them letting us know that Middy Sue had been accepted into Furry Friends. We took that as a sign that we needed to keep fostering & that Middy Sue was not meant to stay with us. We know her perfect family is out there; we are just not sure what is taking them so long to find her. While we are happy that we have been able to continue fostering, we think often of Middy Sue.

And now an update on Shirley's pups. One of them went on transport with her to PA & once the rescue met Shirley & her pup, they went ahead & committed to taking the remaining pups who were still with STAR. Those pups will be on their way to PA tomorrow morning!

Roberta, you will be happy to know that Shelby (Coonhound) must have gotten rescued already!

If anyone out there has connections with rescues that takes pitties or mixes, please please tell them about Molly Brown! She is a gorgeous girl who loves loves loves people! The shelter worker can't hardly clean her run, because she wants attention from him. She also appears to be pregnant.If you are wondering why we are not taking her it is because we have already committed to the above mentioned pups, Ginger & also Samantha.

If you have any questions you want me or the people to answer feel free to ask!
Thanks for reading & have a great weekend!

Pauley James

*** UPDATE- The 3 pups ended up finding rescue & are leaving on transport today (Sat.)!!!!


Nola said...

Great Q and A Pauley!
Dachshund Nola

K-Koira said...

Wow, Abraham looks so much like Pallo! Its strange finding dogs that look like him, too, since he is such a mix

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Great Q&A, Pauley! You gave me such a laugh when you ignored the Mrs.'s comment about the 3 puppies - who now are not coming but going elsewhere. Oh and Middy Sue much be a heart break; while you are still fostering and saving other dogs, she will live forever in your hearts. I remember sending a fostered dog on to a home (which turned out less than stellar; her rescue had terrible problems with them); I so regretted letting her go...:(.
YESH for Shelby! We had a nice go-round of hound-song yesterday evening; how they all stop at the same time is a mystery!

Emily said...

So many great accomplishments! I love Georgia's ears-- I feel the need to point out compliment any big-eared dog, as our little girl is well endowed in that department as well. =)

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

Thanks for answering our question about Middy Sue! We are glad to hear that she passed her training class! A great family must be out there for her SOMEWHERE! We sure don't blame you for thinking about keeping her though... but we're very glad you DID get to keep Pauley JAmes! And we can't wait to hear about the PUPPIES!

Anonymous said...

you know, when we fostered a dog recovering from being hit by a car (pelvic bone fracture, hip injury) - I learned SO much. I wouldn't mind doing it again... I mean, I hate tothink of a dog being injured, but I'd foster another that needs to recoup like Abraham.

chandra said...

OMD, Sawyer the quiet paperback ripper totally cracked me up! Abraham and Georgia make for the cutest couple! And Samantha's ears are of the utmost adorable!

Thanks for sharing the details on your decision with Middy Sue. It's so important for people to get an inside look on fostering and all the emotional responsibilities that go with it.

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Leslie said...

Aw this was wonderful. I'm finally coming for air from a project at work and couldn't wait to come over see what you folks have been up to.

I LOVE this Q&A - what a great way to learn more about you and your foster experiences. The work you do is so vital to the rescue movement but it comes at such a cost, a cycle of love and heartache, that I don't know how you do it. I'm just so very grateful that you do.

Lauren @ Life With Desmond said...

thanks for answering my question! i know i'm super late on reading this, but i'm so glad i finally got here. you guys rock!