Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Award!!

You can imagine my surprise this week when I won two awards times 2!! Leslie at Bringing Up Bella & Lola at The Circus Dog Blog  has sent me, Pauley James, an award, the Liebster Blog Award.

Liebster means “dearest” in German, and the award is intended to help up-and-coming blogs get the attention they deserve. As with any award, there is a bit of ceremony involved. In order to accept the award, we must do the following:

1. Copy and paste the award on our blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who gave us the award
3. Pick our five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award.
4. Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs.

We are supposed to keep it to the under 200 followers, but not everyone has the thing that shows how many followers they have. Here is what we are going with:

1.       Daley’s Dog Years- Chandra keeps us informed of news on the front for senior dogs. As you know the grouchy old ladies are seniors & we want to make sure that we do all that we can. Chandra also has an adorable dog named Mason (like me, he is a foster failure) & we love seeing what he is up to.

2.       Four Legged Mom- Brenda tells us the goings on of her fur baby, Titan, who she adopted from a shelter & now spoils rotten (wish the Mrs. would take a hint on that spoiled part). He has his own cabinet full of treats! She does make him behave though & trains with him each day.

3.        A Lesson in Physics- Terri is a dog trainer who also volunteers at her local shelter; need I say more?

4.       Dog Blessed at Silverwalk- Roberta has a sanctuary at her house for hounds & beagles. She is AMAZING!!!

5.       Pretty Little Pittie-She is a pretty little pittie!!  She is also stylish & has lots of fun!

Thank you again to Leslie & Lola!! Stay tuned for my other award later tonight.

Pauley James


Nola said...

Dachshund Nola

Sarah said... you were posting about this awards, I was also posting about it! I'm passing on both the Liebster and Kreativ blogger awards to you. Happy Awards Season!!

Shea, Lola and Tucker said...

Congrats on your award Pauley James!

Of Pit Bulls and Patience said...

Oooo a couple new ones we haven't heard of! It's like Christmas came early!

Brenda said...

Congratulations and well deserved! I thoroughly enjoy your blog! I will be sure to get my thank you post done by weekend! Wishing you and your family, Happy Holidays! Mwauh from me and Titan!

Brenda said...

Oh wait, did I forget to say THANK YOU! hehe

chandra said...

Congrats on your well, well-deserved awards! And thank you so much for passing along the honor to us. Really appreciate the thought. Being considered and up-and-comer feels very cool! Thank you!

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years