Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away & Puppies!

We have had nothing but yucky, rainy weather! The weekend started off promising because us dogs knew the Mr., the Mrs., and the boy all had an extra day off.

See me? I am hugging the Boy in my sleep.

The boy did not get home until late Friday night because he likes to spend his Friday nights with his school friends going to football games! I guess I can forgive him as long as he spends his extra time playing and lounging with me and the other dogs..
The Mrs. made us pose for this one (notice that me and Ciera's hearts are not really into it).
Ah...sweet, sweet sleep!

As the rain continued to fall on Saturday and Sunday, me, Ciera, and the boy continued to relax and watch some movies! We enjoyed one movie called Dr. Doolittle quite a bit. I liked how the animals could talk!

Ciera only watched the first half of the movie! She kept bugging me to play and finally curled up and went back to sleep again...


I am going to let the Mr. tell a little about the puppies. He is not as good at words and stories as I am,so be nice! BUT, he has spent time with the puppies and I have not...YET!!

Pauley is right. I am not a grand storyteller like he is nor do I have his sense of style (remember Wigged Out Wednesday's?), but I have to say having Jasmine and her six beautiful puppies in our home has been a real treat for us. In just three shorts weeks, they have grown so much.

Watching them take their first steps and testing out their barks and growls keeps us smiling and laughing and makes the extra effort (not THAT much effort) of cleaning and feeding all worth it.

JUST LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE FACES!!! They are all six girls and all adorable.

We can't believe that they are already walking & trying to run!

They are definitely learning the meaning of play! Lots of wrestling and falling down!

One of my favorite pictures my wife took; Mama Jasmine keeping a watchful eye on one of her little babies.
She is such a good mama. She was so scared when she got here and who could blame her? She lightens up and  is a little happier each day. She trusts us with her babies and it is fun seeing her chew a bone or play with a toy. She is fantastic with her puppies & it makes me tear up a little just seeing her get to be a dog again. Dogs like Jasmine make me remember why we treasure being a foster family. Well, thanks for reading-I'll turn it back to Sir Pauley James.

YYYAAAWWNNN! Are you still awake? Whew, he bores me to tears when he starts ranting. But he is a pretty cool dude. I think I might keep him around. He promises that when the puppies get a little older---I WILL GET TO SEE THEM! Yay! I can think of a few things I can show them on how to have a good time around here...

I am not quite sure what this thing is..or does?!?!?! But I have a feeling there will be pictures soon...


Kari in Vegas said...

Can you send one of those puppies to Vegas please?


Jan said...

We cannot get enough of those cute puppy faces.

Maisie's Mom said...

all these pics are great and OMG, those puppies are cuteness OVERLOAD!!!


Bren @ Four-Legged Moms said...

I just absolutely love your stories, your furkids, and the new furbabies! Keep up the good work!

Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

i wanna cuddle those pups!

Two Pitties in the City said...

I'm still amazed by your commitment to have puppies in the house; that's a lot of work!

chandra said...

This post was so exciting - I don't think I've ever read something written by the Mister and I think it was great, Pauley!

Plus, I squealed about a dozen times over the ridiculous cuteness of the puppies.

The photo of you hugging the boy in your sleep is one of my favorites that I've seen of you two.

Pauley, when I get to see photos of you with the puppies, I may pass out from the adorable!

Hugs to Jasmine and huge thanks to the Mrs., the Mr. and the Boy for being such an amazing foster family!

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Oskar said...

Oh those babies are precious!

When they're ready we'd love to feature them on Pet Blogs United Foster Friday.

Nubbin wiggles,

Lauren @ Life With Desmond said...

pauley, i came over here to tell you about your award today, and i got waaaaaay distracted by the puppy pictures, but i still managed to remember to post in your comments. come check out your award!

so cute. those pups are SO CUTE.

Kirsten said...

Good God, so cute! Puppies are so precious, but such little troublemakers! I salute your commitment to caring for a whole slew of them!

Sam said...

Those puppies are adorable!


living, laughing, and loving (and a little bit of lazy) in Loftinland said...

Loved reading about Pauley and those 6 little miracles! How precious puppies are...i would love to have soem around....but I have my hands full with my 4 boys!

living, laughing, and loving (and a little bit of lazy) in Loftinland said...

Enjoyed your post pauley and loved reading about those sweet little girls, all six of them! Would love to have some puppies around here, but my 4 boys keep me plenty busy!