Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Presents!

I am sure you remember what happened to poor duckie, but guess what??!! I got a new one!! Here I am playing with my duckie!     
I also got another toy that is crinkly AND has a squeaker!

After all of the playing, it was time for me to crash on the boys lap. I needed some sleepy time!

Once we got home, I was able to enjoy some of the goodies that were a present for me, Annie & Chloe ( do not tell them, but I had a few before they did!).
                   Here I am waiting patiently for mine.
   A BIG thank you to everyone for my wonderful presents       
                  & for all the loving I had during the visit!


Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

Hi! We just started our own blog, and we are going around trying to meet everyone at Pet Blogs United. You got such cool presents! We like stuffed animals too. Lily likes to eat the squeakers out, and Trixie likes to nibble the fur off! Sammy-Joe just likes to lay on top of his.

Two Pitties in the City said...

You just look so happy with your new toys!

Pauley James Foster Baby said...

Trixie, Lily & Sammy-Joe, I just read your blog & it looks like you have a lot of fun. I am going to show my foster kitty sisters about the secret fort! I think they would like to have one!

Two Pitties, I am being VERY careful with these toys to make sure Annie Fannie does not get a hold of these. Do not worry though, she got her own toys for Christmas.

loveandaleash said...

You look so happy with your toys and your foster family! I have to ask you, because everybody asks us: are you sure Pauley James isn't going to make his foster family into his forever family? He looks awfully at home there.

Pauley James Foster Baby said...

I love it here, but I would also like to have a home with younger animals to run & play with! Plus, if my foster family keeps me, that means they would not be able to help anymore animals that need a place to stay until their forever home comes along. I am more than welcome to stay as long as I want to though. I am the 39th foster dog they have had & I am the only one to have a blog. That MUST mean that I am special huh?

loveandaleash said...

39th!!!! WOW!!