Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas II

Wow I had a BIG weekend; not only did we have New Years Day to celebrate, but we also went to Parkersburg to celebrate Christmas! The first thing I did when I got there was roll around on the carpet. Where I live now, they do not have ANY carpet. It sure did feel good!

The second thing I did was check out the tree! I told my foster family that if I am still with them next Christmas, I want a tree. They assured me that I would find my forever home by then & that they will pass on my preference!
The third thing I did was see SANTA CLAUS! I guess since Christmas was officially over, he had time to visit their house & take pictures. I did much better this time; I was not afraid at all. I even jumped in Santa's lap all by myself!

Check out my friends telling Santa what they want. The first one is Zinger & the second one is Pugsley. They are so much fun!

Speaking of not being afraid of Santa, cutie-pie baby has not learned yet.....

I tried to tell her that she would be alright, but she must not have heard me. Check back tomorrow & I will tell you all about my presents!


kissa-bull said...

we love your pink ears and nose !!! santa paws ish not so bad after all huh?

pibble sugars and wee wiggles
the pittie pack

Pauley James Foster Baby said...

Thank you! I am eagerly awaiting Santa's visit next year! I am so happy to see that Ms. Shelby is back home from the vet's office; I have had my paws crossed for her.