Saturday, December 11, 2010

Walk at the Park

Today I got to walk around Central Park. Thank goodness it warmed up a little. I am not a fan of the cold weather. I wore my new coat to keep me warm.

I met 4 new dogs while we were walking around the park. My favorite was a little chihuahua. His Mom told us that his name is Tom Petty & that he is a heart-breaker.  The Mr. & the boy thought that was really funny, but I did not get it? The last chihuahua that I met barked really loud at me & I ran & jumped in the Mrs. lap! I am glad Tom Petty was nice to me. I also got to see a BUNCH of squirrels! The Mr. told me that it is not nice to chase squirrels; so I just watched them from far away.

I am excited about tomorrow; we are going on a trip to Complete Petmart in Barboursville. I am going to meet someone named Santa Claus. My two foster sisters will not tell me who he is, but they seem awfully excited. We are going to have our pictures taken & ALL of the fees collected go to help homeless animals. If you want to go they are taking pictures from 11-3 and all of the doggies get a treat!

I have to make my foster sisters happy now & show you what they look like. They are both much older than me  (13 & 11) & even though I know they love me, they are sometimes very bossy to me. I think they just want to lay around & sleep, but I want to run & play & wrestle. Here is Annie; she is top boss!
Here is Chloe; she is 2nd in command. She is not very bossy.

Uh-oh it is time to eat!! I will stop by tomorrow & tell you all about this Santa Claus.

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