Thursday, June 6, 2013


******Update: Bandit is home SAFE!!!!

If any of our readers are located near Tobyhanna, PA, please keep an eye out for Bandit. He was our foster for a short time & was just recently adopted & has escaped from his new home. Please see below for more info & pictures.


Corgi/Terrier Mix: An adoptable dog in Blakeslee, PA

Small • Adult • Male

MISSING!  Bandit was just recently adopted and has escaped from his adoptive home on Cambell Way in Tobyhanna PA on 6/4. He is wearing an ID tag with a phone number. He is skittish.  If sighted, do not chase.  Sit down and call him...he may come to you if you're low to the ground.  He may also come for treats.  He weighs about 25 lb.  He likes to go for car rides, so may jump into the car if you stop and open your door.
General location is Route 196 about 1-1/2 miles north of the intersection of 196 and 611. He's been sighted once not far from his home.  Victoria Drive and King's Way both lead into the development where his owners live.
If sighted, please email us with the address where you saw him and also call Crystal at 570-234-5060.


Leslie said...

:( We will definitely share. I've got some friends in PA - hopefully it will help.

S.P.A.R.E. pets outreach said...

Sharing and praying for your safe return Bandit.

English Rider said...

We've had similar situations from time to time. One tip that has worked a couple of times is to walk around where dog was last sighted, with another friendly dog. Especially a dog he knows, but any dog will work. Dogs find quiet hideouts in people's back yards. I knock on doors and ask to go in and look. The time this takes also gives lost dog time to get the scent of a friend and decide it is safe to come out. In one instance, after an hour of knocking on doors we turned around and we were being followed by the dog, who had been missing for a week. I wish you luck.

English Rider said...


2 Punk Dogs said...

Thanks for the update, that's so great!

Roberta Beach said...

YESH for getting home safe. I had a call from a microchip company last night about one of my adopted Beagles; he was found, owners called, and they picked him up from finder, who took very good care of him. Whew!