Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Updates: Good News All Around!

Happy happy Tuesday!!! We have so much exciting news! In case you are not on Facebook, we will give you the updates so far :

Paige nka Lily has been adopted!!! She was in foster care here in KY for 6 months. She went to Tara’s House in MD & was adopted after 2 weeks!!!
Katie has been adopted too!! She was in foster care in KY for 8 months. She went to North Star Dog Rescue in VT & was adopted after 2 weeks!!! Katie now lives with a retired couple with a 40 acre farm. Think they might want to adopt me too?! Just kidding, I would really miss my boy.It really makes me happy knowing that Katie & Paige will be spending their Christmas in warm LOVING homes!

My former foster brother, Jiggs has an ADOPTION PENDING!!!

Mrs. got an update on Shirley (we are so happy that we get these) & she is doing great & is still as sweet as ever. Shirley’s mama was also nice enough to send us a picture to share of Shirley & her boy taking a nap.
Can't you just feel the LOVE? Thank you Shirley's mama (& the rest of the family too)!!!

I am still feeling good & all of my stitches are healing up nicely. Everyone keeps telling me how much better my breath is now :) It has been rainy here & me & my boy have been doing a lot of sleeping.

I wonder when the boy will put a stop to putting pics like this up?
Tomorrow we will be picking a winner for our ZippyPaws giveaway. Make sure you enter here. Later in the week we will post pics of a very special visitor we had & then if all goes as planned, we will have 2 HUGE announcements. 

Pauley James


Hound Girl said...

That is wonderful news on all those pups! Esp about Shirley. Im glad that you are feeling better and you and your boy look so happy together!

Brenda Lee said...

Wow! Fabulous news all the way around! Woohoo!! Glad the babies all found furever homes! So happy! As for Pauley, I hope you're taking it easy lil guy! :)

Emily said...

Adoption pending for Jiggs too? That's great! Hoping the best for him, he has waited quite awhile!

Jan said...

So many happy dogs, so many happy homes for the holidays.

Two Pitties in the City said...

That's a lot of movement, and such great news all around!

Jean said...

Awww...I love happy endings (or beginnings) and happy updates.
As for boy, I hope he always lets you post pics of 'Pauley James and His Boy' - they always make me smile.

And now I shall be sitting on the edge of my chair waiting for your two huge announcements - you tease!

Kari in Vegas said...

I love happy updates

Stop on by for a visit