Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why Dental Care is Imortant to your Dog

Pauley James is at the vet today to have surgery. He broke off one of his top canines & is going to have multiple teeth removed today along with having the remaining teeth cleaned & sealed. Without a doubt, he has the worst teeth we have ever seen in a dog. The condition of his mouth makes him look much older than he is & I am sure it makes him feel older. Without further ado, here is the picture that should convince you to take great care of your doggies teeth!

And here is a picture of the broken tooth.
As you can see Jaylynn is very worried about her best bud.

I did not get any pictures of his bottom teeth, but they are just as bad. What in the world happened to his teeth before we got him? We will never know, but going forward, we are going to take better care of his mouth. Please keep him in your thoughts today. Poor guy was shaking like a leaf when I dropped him off. The doctor is also going to take a look at a small spot on him that may need to be removed.


Brenda Lee said...

Poor Pauley. :( Makes ya wonder eh? Good luck with the surgery Pauley! What is this small spot you speak of? I don't get Titan's teeth prof cleaned but they say all these "dental" chews and regular bones really help. I'm not sure. His teeth look good to me, so far... knock on wood ;)

Pauley James said...

He has a place that looks like a wart. It is really small, but want to make sure it is nothing to worry about. We are used to finding fatty lumps on the dogs, but have not seen one like this before.

Brenda Lee said...

Gotcha. Bet it is a lil wart or skin growth

Brenda Lee said...
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Jean said...

Aw Pauley James, we are thinking of you. I hope it all goes well, you recover quickly and are soon back to eating lots of yummy stuff with your new and improved mouth!

I use raw meaty bones to help clean their teeth clean - makes a huge difference. Their teeth are designed for shredding the meat off the bone, and the grinding of the raw bone itself (neck bones are great - pork, beef, lamb, turkey) helps remove tarter - the whole thing is fully digestible, gives firm poops, and unlike cooked or smoked bones they won't splinter.

Two Pitties in the City said...

I've always wished we started taking better care of our pooches' teeth earlier, and this is a good reminder. Good luck Pauly James!

Nola said...

Paws crossed! I get my teeth brushed everyday, and they're sparkly white

Lorenza said...

I hope everything went well!
Take care my friend!
Kisses and hugs

chandra said...

Hope the extractions went smoothly and that Pauley is resting comfortably now!

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

What Remains Now said...

Poor Pauley James! Paws crossed that he does well and is home resting.

Emily said...

Poor guy! Hades has soooo many badly chipped teeth. The vet warned us last time that we need to monitor his bone chewing--well he only gets Nylabones and how do you make him chew them less intensely? I give up, but I'm sure we'll be facing major dental surgery for the guy one day.
Wishing Pauley a speedy recovery!

Kari in Vegas said...

Mesa also has horrid teeth. Good luck!

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