Friday, November 16, 2012

Katie & Paige

After waiting on rescue or adoption since February, Katie is leaving Saturday for Vermont!!! She is going to another rescue who has a foster home waiting for her!!!She will be fostered with a young dalmatian. I can only imagine how happy she will be & how much more one on one time she will be able to get with having only 1 other dog in the home. Katie is our longest foster to date & I have to admit that when I heard the news, I teared up. With each dog we foster, we learn something new & Katie taught us not to sell a dog short. When she came to us, she was super EXCITED about everything & we kind of just thought that was her personality & that was that, but she soon showed us that she has many different sides & is very adaptable. Recently she has even spent some "alone time" with our Annie & has done a great job of adjusting to the "SLOW PACE".

That is not all of our news though; Paige is also leaving us on Saturday! She is going to Maryland to another rescue who also has a foster home waiting for her.  One of Paige's best qualities is how she is always happy. No matter what is going on--Paige has a way of making us smile.  She is always wagging her tail and rolling over wanting her belly rubbed.  When Paige first arrived, she was absolutely terrified of walking on a leash.  We honestly thought she would never get over her fear...But, she proved us wrong and is actually a real joy to go on walks with around the neighborhood or through the woods.  She just needed a little love & patience. 

My FAVORITE picture of Katie & Paige.
We are just so happy & excited for them!!! We hope that they will find their forever homes soon.

Many thanks to STAR, Tara's House & North Star Dog Rescue for making sure these girls get to live the life of their dreams! 

Be good girls Katie & Paige. We will miss you!!


Nancy Alexander said...

Oh, I'm happy that they are finding forever homes, but I could see where you would have mixed emotions!! :)

Leslie said...

Oh, I don't know how you handle the heart-break of letting them go but I am so glad you do. It's good for them and the fosters that will follow them into your home.

Congratulations, Katie and Paige! We'll miss seeing your updates but know you're going to have a great life!

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Yay, so sweet! It is so hard to let go of some of them, but exciting to have the space open for others.

And yes, it is so wonderful to see the overexcited, impulsive ones learn to calm down. Having lived with Fozzie for 2 years and worked with many like that at the shelter, I firmly believe that the ones deemed "unadoptable" because of impulse control and energy issues really need to be given a chance! They can learn so quickly in the right hands.

Brenda Lee said...

This is fabulous news! I don't know how you do it. I'd be tore up having them leave me. It's great for them though. I hope their fosters work out well and they get a furever home soon! Awww Pauley will miss em!

Sam said...

I wish them the best - they are great dogs!


Emily said...

Great news!!! I was definitely hoping it was news like this. Can't wait to see the next pups in line. :)