Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby Baby

I got a new foster sister last night! Her name is Baby. I tried telling my people that they would have to change her name as that is one of my nicknames, but they did not listen. I have only been around her for a few seconds while she is going in & out to potty, but I know she likes to wag her tail! Here is Baby's petfinder listing.  
Baby was brought into area vet by owner because she was having a miscarriage. When vet opened her up, she had three rotting puppies inside her that had died many days before. Owner gave vet a fake name and fake phone number, so now sweet Baby has lost her babies and her owner at same time. The staff at vet adore Baby and really want her to find a good loving home. She is little at about 30-35 pounds and gets along with other dogs. I think her age is about 3. STAR will arrange transport to rescues in northeast. She is spayed and now up to date on shots and heartworm tested negative. Baby is sponsored to rescues.

 Welcome Baby!


Brenda said...

Awww what a precious lil baby. So sad about her story but maybe it's a blessing about her owner, especially knowing she was prego and didn't take care of her. I hope she finds a home soon. Lil sweetie!

What Remains Now said...

Welcome, Baby. I know Pauley James is going to find you a great forever home!

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Hi Baby! You are such a little sweetie. So sorry about what you went through, but it gets way better from here.

Nola said...

Poor baby

Jean said...

Thank goodness the owner at least had the decency to take her to a vet, even if in every other way he/she was a jerk.
Pauley, as the for the name thing, we sometimes look after a dog whose name is Sadie, and we have a Sadie here. So we call her Sadie B, since that's the initial of her last name - but it's also the initial of our Sadie's last name! I told our Sadie it means she is Sadie A and the other dog is Sadie B, and (since I'm a retired teacher) I prefer an A to a B.
So you must be Baby A, and the newcomer is Baby B. Or maybe it is time for you to move from Baby Pauley to Big Boy Pauley?

mayziegal said...

Oh, poor Baby. I'm so sorry this happened to you. But don't worry! You're in a safe place now and they're gonna take real good care of you and help you find the forever home you deserve!

Wiggles & Wags,

Kari in Vegas said...

Poor Baby, people failed her once but now she is going to learn what love is all about

Stop on by for a visit

Emily said...

She is truly cute. Poor little mama, really terrible story. I just wanna squish her.

Lorenza said...

Baby is adorable!
It is sad what happened to her.
I am sure she will find the perfect home!
Take care
Kisses and hugs