Sunday, December 18, 2011

Update on Foster Phoebe & Puppies

Miss Phoebe is doing great & her hair has started growing back in. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but she was missing a lot of her hair. The vet did do a skin scrape & it was negative. It could be that hair loss was due to hormones or she may have a flea allergy. Either way we are glad she is growing her hair back in.
She is starting to want some "me time" and who can blame her? She has even gotten over her fear of a leash & can now go for walks with me.

What can we say about the puppies? Hmmmm they are cute, but they also pee non-stop! The Mrs. is constantly in there cleaning. Seriously though, one of the best things ever is to watch them stretch & yawn. I could watch them do that all day.

2 Weeks
See?! That is me watching them & that is close enough for me!
2 weeks
While we were hoping against all hope that the pups would not get sick, we knew the chances were slim since Phoebe was sick when she gave birth to them. The good news is, they are on their second round of antibiotics & all are doing well!

2 weeks

2 weeks
A rescue has stepped up for Phoebe and her pups once they are over this sickness. Please do me a favor & cross your fingers that no pregnant dogs or newly born pups with Mama are in need when they leave. I could really use a break from the puppy world :) I am also happy that the puppies have grown enough to move rooms. I have my own room back now. Well it is not my room exactly, but I like to pretend it is. The pups are now in an x-pen with a crate attached to it. They are finally finding their footing & are wrestling all around!
3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks
 Do you see how that crate is all chewed up & bent? Do not panic, the pups do not have super strength. I might have done that a long time ago & then again maybe it was not me, but an invisible dog who no one knows about............


Brenda said...

I totally love all your babies!! What it must be to have all that cutest around 24/7. I can only dream. Glad lil babe is getting better!

goosie mama said...

Unreal how fast they grow - they are just the cutest. Mama Phoebe is such a sweetheart!

pam said...

Oh Paulie James you are a great big good boy!!! How do you stay behind that gate when them kyoot puppers are over there? We could not...

Bobo and Meja

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

It is nice to have one's own space, Pauley; I am ceding the first floor to the dogs and fixing up the upper 1/2 for me...alone. Those puppies are terribly cute and all colors - one for everyone who wants them. Good job of being patient - and yes, I hope you soon have a home w/o puppies (at least for a short time but SO great your Mr. and Mrs. will foster moms in need!).

Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

They grow so fast! This is just too cute!

goosie mama said...

Here's a link to our musings on the coat and within it a link to the place we bought it:

it's awesome! From a company called Voyagers K9 Apparel - worth every penny. I often see greyhounds wearing the exact coat, so you know it has to be a good one!

For G, I didn't get a custom coat, but instead took the Viszla coat and sent in G's measurements since the body types are fairly similar (barrel chested, narrow waist, etc.). We also have the Tummy Warmer for those crisp fall days - it's great!

mayziegal said...

Siiiiiigh. Just LOOK at all that roly-poly squee-dorableness right there! Siiiiigh. I sure do understand you wanting a puppy break for a little bits but...siiiiiigh.

Wiggles & Wags,

Leslie said...

OMD Pauley, you have a baby Bella in your puppy pack! Slay me now. :)

They are so cute and you are such a good boy looking after them. Bella and I will keep our fingers and paws crossed that you get a much deserved break when that rescue comes to collect this adorable little bunch. :)

Shea, Lola and Tucker said...

All those babies are so cute Pauley James! It's a good thing they have you and your Mom to take care of them.

Maureen said...

They are all so sweet and adorable but that little cream pup is going to be a heart breaker.

Just the Aaaaaw moment I needed :)

Thanks Pauley James-

xo HoneyBuzz

Bill said...

Fantastic pics! Love the "pile of puppies" shot!

chandra said...

The puppies sleeping are pictures of just pure bliss. "Me time" - I just love that. And boy, does Phoebe sure deserve it!

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Kari in Vegas said...

Those puppies will get great homes fast for sure!

Stop on by for a visit

Lauren @ Life With Desmond said...

oh man, these puppies are SO freakin cute, and i really still am in love with phoebe anyway. i hope they all stay as healthy as possible and wind up with amazing families.