Monday, September 26, 2011

Chloe Belle Keeps on Trucking, Bye Bye Jas & Babies, Hello Shirley

Chloe did wonderful with her surgery & has acted as if nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Unfortunately, I could not keep myself from obsessively smelling where her tail SHOULD BE & am now banished to another room. Don't worry though, I still get family time; we rotate who is where. Here is the last pic of her tail & then one without. She should get her bandage off in the next few days. I sure hope those mean old cysts stay AWAY from me!!
Eeek that cyst looks giant!

Chilling out after surgery.

And now because I am still kissing up due to the whole ottoman debacle, here is the Mr. with a little news on Jasmine & her pups (WHO I NEVER GOT TO MEET!!): This was our families first experience with fostering a mother dog and her puppies. While being VERY MUCH in favor of spaying and neutering, our family fell in love with Jasmine and the pups in a very short time.
It was a lot like having a newborn baby....except times six! Checking to make sure they were nursing, making sure the room was the right temperature, etc. Mama Jasmine had it all under control though; we just did the worrying! As they quickly grew, we watched them graduate from crawling and yelping to walking and barking. It was fun to watch them play intensely for ten minutes and then conk out from the excitement!Even though they are only 5 weeks old, they each have their own little personality.

These pictures were taken on the last full day the family stayed with us. They are now in a STAR foster home that is better equipped to allow the puppies to have more freedom to explore (safely). When the day came for them to leave, I was surprised at how emotional I felt about sending Jasmine and babies off to their next stop in life. We can only hope that these *6 innocent babies never know the heartbreak and mistreatment that their mama did & also that mama will find her happy ending she so greatly deserves.

The STAR member who took in this little family (thank you!!), was kind enough to bring us our next foster, Shirley. Tune in later this week to hear more about Shirley and her story. Thank you STAR for making all of this possible!!
* We have found out that the little pink nosed gray & white baby has a home waiting on her when she is old enough.


chandra said...

Atta girl, Chloe Belle! I'm thrilled to hear that you're doing well. That mean old cyst looked like it was weighing you down, now you'll have a cute little nubbins! Big hugs to you while you recover!

Sending my very best wishes with sweet Jasmine and her pups. She and those little ones are going to make several families very very happy!

Can't wait to hear more about Shirley! She's beaauuutiful, Pauley!

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

Your house is amazing, I am so jealous!

Kari in Vegas said...

We hope that all the pups have amazing lifes, old and young


Of Pit Bulls and Patience said...

What great news all around! We'll keep thinking happy thoughts for Chloe Belle while she recovers.

Macho (And Nicole!) said...

Glad to hear all the good news. We hope Chloe has a fast and easy recovery!

Nicole and Macho