Monday, July 18, 2011

Introducing Topaz

At the last minute, there was a change in plans. Poor Fayth has a little longer to go before she would be ready to be in a foster home with a rascal like myself (Fayth is safe). Instead the Mr. & Mrs. brought home another girl named Topaz. The Mrs. has been watching her Petfinder listing ever since STAR saved her. We do not have any of the before pictures, but trust me when I say that she was in BAD shape. They think she is only a few years old. I am jealous of her nice pearly white teeth! I have not had a chance to play with her yet, because Ciera is hogging her! Here are a few pictures of Topaz on her way here yesterday.

You can't see much of her.She must have been nervous, because she crawled down into the floorboard. I am smaller than her & I can't squeeze down there! Stay tuned I am SURE I will get to play with her soon :)


chandra said...

Well, I can see that she's got a great smile! Sounds like Ciera is happy to have a girlfriend around!

I'm thinking good thoughts for Fayth that she heals quickly - she really deserves to start living the good life.

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Lorenza said...

I am sure I will see you two playing together very soon!
Kisses and hugs

Sam said...

Poor girl! I'm glad she has angels looking after her!


Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

Cannot WAIT to learn more about Topaz!

Kari in WeHo said...

What a pretty pup!