Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clearing the Air

Pauley is very worried that he gave the wrong impression about Ms. Topaz & he wanted me to set things straight. He did not mean that she was a “bad” girl or that she is always “wild”. A lot of fosters coming from a shelter environment need a few days (sometimes weeks) to get accustomed to being in a home with plenty of food, lots of water, room to run & love. Some of the dogs may have never even been in a home before. One just never knows what an animal has been through & we may not even want to know. Topaz is still in her adjustment period & has shown signs of calming down. She slept last night in the soft side crate in the living room by her own will (crate is always left open for anyone wanting to “get away”). I guess she had enough playing & went to bed before everyone else. She did not make a peep all night. I was very happy as she only allowed me 4 hours of sleep the night before. As for the jumping on the table & such, we do not encourage that type of behavior, but it was such a shock that I had to get a quick pic. She was actually stretched out from end to end when I came down the hallway & then I snapped a pic before she could jump all of the way down. We have learned to laugh & move on :) One great thing about Topaz is that she is already housetrained!  Anyways just so you know, Mr. Pauley James was a NIGHTMARE  (hyper)for the first few weeks that we fostered him. We had 2 other fosters when he arrived (1 hyper & 1 OLD lady- not a good mix to begin with).  They both  would jump on me constantly & nip me trying to get my attention. He was just so intense about EVERYTHING!! Long story short, I cried & cried; I did not think I could take another day of dealing with “this crazy dog”! If you had told me then that we would eventually adopt him, I would have thought you had lost your mind! Thankfully, after the initial period, he calmed down & was able to take direction. Do not get me wrong obviously I loved him, but boy oh, he tried my patience & he is still a work in progress, but we would not trade him for anything! With that being said, there have been fosters that have came into our home & instantly it felt like they had always been there; they fit right in with no problems. Bottom line is that Topaz is a sweet baby who is on her way to making a wonderful companion!


chandra said...

Oh, don't worry Pauley, I know I wasn't thinking poorly of Topaz - I was feeling like it was very cool that she was able to display so much, um, exuberance! And speaking of, I really got a kick out of reading about your former wild ways, although I know it wasn't easy on your Mom at all. You should go give her a big hug right now for believing in you, kid!

Oh, and I meant to tell you all - love the new background and main image! I can see you're thinking Fall, right?!

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

already housetrained?! WINNER!