Friday, June 24, 2011

Week in Review

We have had a very busy week around here. Saturday started out with everyone at Mimi's house. Us doggies stayed home with our Aunt Karrie, but the Boy got to go & bottle feed a baby goat. He told me that the baby was very cool & followed him around like a little puppy. He is a pygmy goat which means that he is smaller than a normal one. The Boy really wanted to bring him home.

On Monday, me, Red, Aunt Karrie & the Mrs. headed out to Flemingsburg. There is a shelter there that had to close & they are trying to place the remaining dogs. We went to see if we could help out these two cuties. Their names are Lil Britches
and Joe. The shelter would like for them to stay together, but it is not mandatory.
Joe is around 75 pounds & is a 5 year old lab mix. He is pretty laid back. He loves Lil Britches! He acts like her mama!
Lil Britches is a 6 month old pittie. She is only around 20 pounds. She is tiny!, but sweet as the day is long. They think she might have something called spina bifida. After meeting her, we decided that she might get hurt if she came to stay with us & we are all out of room for separating. We are pretty rough players & might be too much for this little girl. Lil Britches & Joe are both sponsored which means that a nice person is going to pay for them to be placed. They are both heart-worm negative & have had their shots. They have even raised money to have Britches evaluated to see if anything can be done for her. If you know of anyone who may be able to foster or who would love to add two sweetie pies to their family, please contact Lee Owens on Facebook. 

After leaving the shelter, we went to Morehead for Red to have his retest for heart-worms. Guess what?! He is worm free!!!! That means he can now run & play with us & he does not have to stay in a mean old crate!! this is how Red reacted to the news. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO lets play!!!

After that it was time for my training. I learned several new things this week. I have been trying really hard, but I still forget my manners sometimes. I just get so dang excited, I can't control myself! This is me after riding in the car several hours.
We stopped on the way home & picked up a bunny. I let him ride on my back so he could see out the window. Look we match!
Bright and early Wednesday morning, Aunt Karrie, Skippy & the Mrs. headed back to Morehead. Skippy had to get his last puppy shot. He was a brave boy & did not even cry. He has gained a whole pound since he has been with us. He is now a whopping 19 pounds. Can you believe that this guy can keep up with me? While they were at the vet's office, they picked up Ciara. Here is a pic of her on the way home. I think she is P R E T T Y!! She weighs exactly 55 pounds(the same as me) & I can't wait to wrestle with her! We should be a perfect match. Right now she is staying in the family room away from us until she recovers from her spay surgery & adjusts to being in a home.

Can you imagine how much fun we are going to have in the next few weeks?


Maisie's Mom said...

wow, what a bunch of gorgeous dogs! Ciara looks a lot like another lil pittie I know. ;)

Kari in WeHo said...

its going to be a party!


Oskar said...

You guys all look so very happy! You must have a very fun household.

Nubbin wiggles,

pam said...

Pauley James you are just about the smilingest happiest feller we know. Thank for that!

Bobo, Meja and Mommy

Two Pitties in the City said...

So much going on! And you seem so happy judging by your smile at the end.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Pauley!
I am sure Joe and Lil are going to find a lovely forever home soon!
You had an interesting weekend!
Glad Red is all healthy now!
Soooo.... lets the fun begin....
Kisses and hugs

Two Grad Students and a Pittie said...

Pauley's smile ALWAYS makes me smile! Yay Ciara and Red! Some fun times are ahead. And um, a baby goat - cool!

Sam said...

I hope those two poor pups find a home, even a foster family! Keep us posted?


Anonymous said...

there are some AMAZING photos in this post-- did you take them? the last one of the little shelter pittie, the one of red smiling, and the one of pauley dozing are all incredible!
also- it always sounds like so much fun at your house. i'm glad our dogs don't know how to read, or they would want to come live with you!

Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs. said...

Thanks, I did take the pictures. I never know what I am going to end up with, because I have never taken the time to read up on my camera. I am pretty sure if your pups spent a few days at our house, they would RUN back home :)

chandra said...

Oh, Joe and Lil' Britches are so very sweet! I really hope they find a home together.

Thrilled to hear that Red is in the clear! Such fantastic news! With Ciara in the mix now you all sure have a rocking pack!

-Chandra at Daley's Dog Years