Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is There A Chance Of Snow?

I overheard the Mr.and Mrs. talking and it is supposed to snow tonight!  I am so excited I thought I would show some more pictures of me in the snow!

The boy took me outside and we had such a fun time.  He would hold a toy up just out of my reach and throw it far away so I could run and fetch it for him!

I like to fetch but sometimes I don't want to give it up so quick!  I worked hard at fetching it so why do I have to give it back???

But of course, I always give it back so he can throw it and we can start all over!!!!

YYYAAAWWWNNN!!!  All of the running in the snow and fetching my toys sure does make me sleepy!

And the perfect way to end a day of playing in the snow is lay in the recliner with the boy and Reesie (she's a cat but we get along just fine).  I sure am hoping for that snow!!!


kissa-bull said...

aww thish ish just too adowable, please to enjoy all the white fluff for ush pibbles who nevers get the snows.

pibble sugars
the pittie pack

Two Pitties in the City said...

"Snow" is a good color for you. And it looks like you're having a great time.

Anonymous said...

oh pauley james, i love that photo of you snuggling with the boy and the cat. you all seem so happy together.