Wednesday, December 8, 2010


My longest trip from Ashland was to Parkersburg, WV. I got to go with my foster family to celebrate Thanksgiving. The car ride lasted a long time, but that just meant that I got to curl up and sleep with the boy. It rained the entire way.

When we got to Parkersburg, I could not believe all the wonderful smells. I had never been around so many people before, but everyone was nice to me & told me that I was a good boy. Two cats and two dogs lived in the house & I had a great time playing with them. The most exciting thing was a little baby! I had never seen one before. At first I thought she was afraid of me, because she made a loud noise! It turns out that she liked me & did not want me to leave her sight. The baby smelled really good.

When it was time for everyone to eat, I got so excited. I just knew that they had foods I had never tried. I could not believe it when I did not get a plate, but because I behaved so well, I did get a few nibbles of food. I can really make a sad face if I need to.

Check out the kitty that lives there. I think she was trying to hypnotize me!
 All in all it was a great day! I just hope that I have my own family to celebrate with next year.

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