Monday, December 6, 2010


Hello, I am Pauley and I am excited to tell my story. I was pulled from a local shelter about 2 months ago. Boy was I glad to get out of there. I do not remember much about my life before the shelter, but I know I did not have a good home though, because I was way too skinny & I had sores all over my body. A local rescue group   placed me in a foster home with a Mr., Mrs. and a boy. I have had so much fun! I will be telling you things that I have been doing since I came to the foster home. The top picture is what I looked like the first day I came to my foster home. I am now healed up & have put on about 10 pounds. The Mrs. may be a little partial, but she tells me that I am one handsome boy! The 2nd picture is what I look like now! Yippeee it is time for me to eat (one of my favorite things!). I will stop in tomorrow and let you know a little more about me.

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